PMT High voltage power supply

. vrijdag 18 februari 2011
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Based on the LTC1619 this PMT power supply provides a voltage of 1000V, you can download de schematic (for LTspice IV, free simulator from linear technology) here.

The transformer is made from a small ferrite toroid, 5wdg primary and 200wdg secondary. The output voltage shows no ripple in the simulation (the very simple 2nd order low-pass filter R9C4, R10C5 seems very effective).
The output voltage can be adjusted by changing the value of R4.
The mosfet can be any low on resistance 40Vds+ mosfet which can handle about 3A peak.
This is the simulation of the output voltage (click on the image for a higher resolution):

The simulation shows no ripple!
Going to put the thing together this weekend.

Oopss.. error in the schematic, L2 should be 16mH, not 4! (200/5)^2 = 1600, simulation shows that it works much better with L2=16mH.

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