Vacuum feedthrough

. woensdag 14 september 2011
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The old and big second hand pillar drill works great! Although drilling a 40mm (for the viewport) hole through 20mm aluminum does make the 800W motor a bit warm.
I've also mounted 2 times high voltage (20kV) feedthrough for the octavio core, one 4-pole mid-voltage (4kV) feedthrough for the focus coils. Still have to mount two times low voltage 8-pole feedthrough for the electron guns.
For the current through the core I will use batteries, the batteries can have the same potential (+12kV) as the core, this will simplify building the octavio core.

Slow progress

. donderdag 8 september 2011
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Just to break the silence.
Have been repairing the bake out heating with heat-conducting high-temperature epoxy.
Started this weekend with the aluminum ground plate, but my pillar drill was not big enough to reach the center of the plate. Tried to hard-solder the stainless hemispheres to fix two holes, but didn't have enough power to reach the desired 600 deg. C.
So, lots of activity, little result....
But, I did buy a second-hand bigger pillar drill, and I bought the "Siever MetalJet" which can reach 2400 deg. C.
A 40mm viewport is also on it's way, and I polished the weblog.
On the left you can see a 3D drawing of the octavio core, just the core, explanation about the core, the 8 focus coils and 8 electron guns will follow.