High Voltage

. maandag 7 februari 2011
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Took a look around at what I had "in stock" for high-voltage generation.
Found a very old 110 to 8000 volt transformer from a Xerox machine:

It's only 0.8 VA, got it from a dump when I was 14 years old, remember that I connected the primary to 220 when I got it, 2cm sparks!
Can be a little bit lethal....
See what the rest of my search brought me, high voltage capacitors:
They are 3nF and 35kV! Got them from "The electronic goldmine", no idea why I bought them years ago, maybe just because the were so "special".
For a cascade I also need som high voltage diodes, found some TVR30 diodes in my collection:
They are quite big, they can handle 10mA continious current and 200mA peak, max reverse voltage is 30kV, forward voltage is a bit high 45V at 5mA, but that isn't much at 8000VAC input (= 11.3kV peak) for a cascade.
Looking good, the 0.8VA transformer power is too low, but the rest is ok.

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