40nF 100kV

. zondag 18 maart 2012
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For the 85000V supply, a capacitor bank:

The capacitors are 10nF, 20kV, so the 110 capacitors should be 44nF (5x series of 22x parallel).
The cap meter shows 40nF total, only 10% off. The bank will be in oil, and I still need to find the right resistors (5x 200Mohm, 2W, or enough other values make 200Mohm)

85000 volts

. dinsdag 13 maart 2012
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Did some measurements on the new XRT transformer.
It's supposed to be 1200W, 85000V @14mA.

And that's not 2x42500V, no, it's really one secondary winding, so with the 4x 80kV diodes I have, I can even make a symmetrical -80kV, 0, +80kV supply!

The DC resistance of the secondary winding is only 78k, so that's only 15W at 14mA, primary resistance is very low, seems like 1200W continious power capability to me :)