Balloon feed

. dinsdag 29 november 2011
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Sounds great "balloon feed", we connected the 18 bar helium to a hose, big bang.. So we switched to a complete new concept the "Balloon feed" (tm) :)
It's a pink helium balloon connected to the needle valve which is connected to the venting input of the turbo pump.
When running the turbo in standby (66%) it will pump heavy gasses much better than lighter ones, so we feed it He (4) for now, because it's the same mass as D2, so pressure regulation with the needle valve should be the same for He en D2, when we start with deuterium electrolysis any D2O (20) will be pumped out by the turbo.

Helium plasma

. maandag 28 november 2011
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The teenagers have produced a helium plasma.
Their experiment started with a bang (18 bar of helium on a duct-tape hose-connection) and ended with sparks.
This is the video of their plasma, the focus in the center of the grid is clearly visible:

Standard fusor experiment

. donderdag 17 november 2011
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Two teenagers confiscated my equipment to do the standard fusor experiment.
This is their grid, polished aluminum ground plate, feedthrough with viton ring, fused quartz isolation, hard soldered stainless steel grid.