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. maandag 7 februari 2011
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So I decided to build my own nuclear fusion reactor.
After reading fusor.net and everything I could find about the work of Bussard, my conclusion was that we needed a different type of magnetic field, a different kind of "magrid" where the magnetic fields work much more in favor of "star mode".
To test this, I started to find parts on ebay and markplaats.nl
Got a very good deal on a pfeiffer and balzers WKP500 pump, so for the vacuum I still need a rotary vane pump and a turbomolecular pump.
It was dirt-cheap, and it's broken, one of the "looking glasses" for the oil is broken, and I don't have 3-phase power to test the motor.
For the rest it looks ok, so I will replace the glass, get some new oil, and test the motor (maybe I should get a 3-phase diesel generator to power my reactor).
The WKP500 is heavy! 95 kilo's, had a hard time getting it out of my car on my own. I should get some wheels and iron bars to weld myself a portable "vacuum setup cart".
Here is a picture of the WKP500:

A bit dangerous on the workmate, if the workmate breaks! So it's on a pile of stones now.
Emailed Pfeiffer and Balzers about spare parts and oil.
With a rotary vane pump this will get me down to 0.1 Pa.
Read more about these wunderfull pumps here

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